Literature Circles

Enhance your reading experience with literature circles. Discover how to facilitate meaningful discussions and promote collaboration among your students.
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4 Essentials for Literature Circles in Google Classroom

I love literature circles. I love giving my students ownership of their learning and choice when picking their novles. I also know that humans are social in nature, and literature circles provide the perfect setting for what I call "dinner table talk" about books. The challenge this school year was bringing the literature circle experience to the hybrid classroom. How could my students read books in groups when half of my students were home and half were in the classroom? How could we meet…

Lydia Christine
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How to Set Up Literature Circles in the Upper Grade Classroom

We all have something we do really well as a teacher, something we consider our niche… For me setting up Literature Circles and Guided Reading Rotations were just that. Literature Circles, in…

Gabriela Vazquez
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How I Introduce Book Clubs

Literature Circles (Book Clubs) are one of my favorite ways to engage students in reading. Get your kids independently talking about books while you meet with your guided reading groups.

Kendra Geng
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Literature Circle Printables - Tales From a Very Busy Teacher

There are a multitude of ways to conduct Literature Circles in your classroom. Check out my TpT store for a free download of my Literature Circles Packet, which includes a quick summary of how I conduct literature circles in my classroom! Check back for more information on my Literature Circles. We're starting them this week

Jennifer Willard
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How to make your literature circle activities PAPERLESS

Make your literature circles activities PAPERLESS I love using book clubs (also known as literature circles) in my classroom. However, the amount of papers needing to be organized and passed out continuously stressed me out. The packets were big and cumbersome, and it always resulted in more work for me as the teacher when a […]

Neah Kurtis