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This title probably drew you in because it promises such an amazing change in such a small amount of time. I don’t want this post to overwhelm you, but you can literally change your life...

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COACHING WORKSHEETS get unstuck and experience the life God designed for you to live Ready to discover your best next step? Are you feeling stuck? Uncertain how to get past that mental block? Ready to put in the work to develop new habits, but don’t know where to start? Our coaching tools and worksheets are designed with you in mind. No matter where you find yourself in life today, these biblically-guided, coaching-driven resources will help you seek God afresh and discover His best next…

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How do you know when a change is needed in your life? That’s where this article will help you. I’m going to give you some signs to know when you need to shake things up. Buckle up and let’s get to it.

Andrea Analla Overland
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“How can I feel more confident and relaxed going into calls with clients? It feels like a lot of pressure to perform!” If you’re a new coach, you may be feeling some imposter syndrome whenever you join or think about joining client calls! Here are some simple ways to boost your confidence and fee

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