Letter sound fluency

Improve your child's letter sound fluency with these fun and engaging activities. Enhance their reading skills and help them become confident readers.
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Reading fluency is so important for our early readers to eventually ensure comprehension. Strong letter sound fluency equips students to decode CVC words effortlessly, fostering a smooth transition in their reading journey. While readiness varies among students, consistent practice significantly aids their decoding abilities. While I know for some students, it is developmental and there may be a readiness that they may not have, many students are able to and need that extra practice to help…

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! (Effie style, minus the whole Reaping Day thing.) This is my very-first post here in my new blog. I'm crazy-excited! I hope you like it! You are probably here to learn how I SIGNIFICANTLY improved my student’s letter/sound fluency this year. Mind you, I did write SIGNIFICANTLY in capital letters for a reason. I’m screaming it at you: SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!!!! This great change came after our incredible Reading Specialist suggested that I add motions to our letter/sound…

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Looking for a fun and effective way to teach your child phonics? Discover the free downloadable letter sound cards designed to revolutionize early reading skills. With bold black and white phonics alphabet cards, these resources are versatile and engaging. Learn how to use them to reinforce letter-sound associations, play memory games, and support struggling learners. From blending sounds to creative activities, this expert guide provides a comprehensive toolkit for phonics success. Don't…

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Once students know letter names, they’re poised to master letter sounds. Yay! We have a set of homework pages to help your little learners take this next step. Like our Letter Name Fluency (LNF), the first place to start with Letter Sound Fluency (LSF) is assessment. For this test, the students point to a letter ... Read more

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