Lemon curd filling

Elevate your desserts with the delightful taste of lemon curd filling. Explore our top recipes to add a tangy and creamy twist to your favorite treats.
Lemon curd cake filling is thick and creamy with a vibrant lemon flavor! You can spread it between cake layers or enjoy it a number of ways. Cheesecakes, Desserts, Ideas, Lemon Layer Cakes, Lemon Cake Filling, Lemon Curd Cake Filling Recipe, Lemon Cake Recipe, Lemon Filled Cake Recipe, Lemon Mousse Cake Filling Recipe

Lemon curd with egg yolks instead of whole eggs is incredibly rich and extra thick. It is a tangy, sweet, velvety curd that is almost like a citrus custard. It is insanely addictive and a definite crowd pleaser. Slather it on scones, shortbread, and French toast, or use it as a filling for a cake or pie. You can even swirl it into yogurt, ice cream, and even cheesecake to make an extraordinary dessert.Using egg yolks only makes it extra thick, so it is perfect to use as a cake filling.

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Packed with the refreshing flavor of lemons in each bite, these lemon curd cupcakes are absolutely delicious. Fluffy, soft lemon cupcakes are filled with a sweet and tangy lemon curd filling. For an extra pop of lemon flavor, cupcakes are finished with a lemon cream cheese frosting and a dollop of extra lemon curd.

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