Lavender and daisies

Enhance your garden with captivating ideas for incorporating lavender and daisies. Discover how to create a stunning floral display that will brighten up your outdoor space.
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Hello my dear friends, I just love my garden with all it's weeds, flowers and trees. Unfortunately just like many of the other plants and trees my lavender took a knock from the cold last winter and only one out of four of our plants is doing well this summer. Also the daisies I had transplanted a few years ago from the front garden to the back never grew again which was sad. So you can imagine to my surprise when suddenly daisies started to grow all over the back yard this year and I have…

Suvi Wirman
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I know I want daisies but am not sure of the rest! I would like a low budget but still beautiful wedding. The designs will be rustic probably with mason jars and burlap/lace. I need to figure out what other … read more

Sara Nahass