Kundalini yoga

Experience the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga and awaken your inner energy. Discover effective techniques and practices to enhance your well-being and find inner peace.
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Mantra is a key component used in Kundalini Yoga and it is used to alter patterns of the mind on a physical and energetic level. Mantras are the vibrational manifestation of its meaning. By chanting/singing a mantra, we invoke the positive vibrations of the mantra and broadcast it into our energetic field. Read on to discover 3 mantras you can use to strengthen your inner resilience.

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Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that identifies the arising of a form of energy and consciousness that remains coiled at the base of our spine from birth. The kundalini energy is the source of life force that each contains within

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Inside every living body, at the base of the spine, lies a latent ball of energy, coiled like a serpent. This is life energy, the energy that animates all the world, the plants and trees, you and me. It's the heart of the universe lying inside of us, ready to heal and uplift once activated. There's a special type

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