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Discover the fascinating history and vibrant culture of the Korean Peninsula. Immerse yourself in its unique traditions and explore the breathtaking landscapes of this captivating region.
That History Nerd: Damn, Girl--Queen Seondeok of Silla Art, Country, South Korea, Asia Map, Northern, Korean Peninsula, Historical Maps, Korean Dynasty, Kings Park

Seondeok was the first of three queen regnants of the medieval kingdom of Silla. She was a skilled diplomatist, devout Buddhist, and prolific builder. During her reign, Seondeok managed to get Tang Dynasty China on her side, promote Buddhism as the national religion, and lead Silla into a golden age of art, science, and literature. She was a smart, strong woman, and is still celebrated in Korea today. Seondeok Silla was located at the bottom of the Korean peninsula, in modern day South…

Big Blue 1840-1940: Korea Seoul, North Korea, Korean Peninsula, Northeast, South, Korea Map, West, Sea Of Japan, Korea

1902 Scott 34 3ch orange "Emperor's Crown" 40th year of Reign of Emperor Gojong Quick History The Korean Empire, succeeding the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897), was proclaimed in 1897, and lasted until the invasion of Imperial Japan in 1910. On August 22, 1910, Japan annexed the Korean peninsula. Map of Great Korean Empire The Joseon Dynasty was under the influence of China for centuries, but came under Japanese hegemony in 1895. Administrative control by Japan was assumed in 1904, and all Korean…

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