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How to Tie the Most Useful Knot in the World (Bowline) [HD Video Tutorial]: This is a short video to help those who have seen many of my past videos where I use a bowline knot. This is the most useful knot you will ever learn. It will not slip when in use, and comes undone easily even after being tightened under thousands o…

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Fisherman’s knot, also known as English knot, consists of two overhand knots each one tied around the standing part of the other one. Though it is mainly used as a bend to join two lines, it can be easily used to connect the ends of a single length of rope to form a loop. The […]

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Whether you want to ensure your hammock is tied securely or you simply want to build on your knot-tying skills, here’s a guide to knots, including the 10 essential knots everyone should know when hammock camping and exploring the great outdoors.

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Read 2011 decorative fusion knots a step by step illustrated guide to new and unusual ornamental knots by Scout Library (WFIS-Spain) on Issuu and b...

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Six Boy Scout Knots - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The summary provides an overview of the six boy scout knots described in the document: The document describes six boy scout knots - the square knot, bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch, two half hitches, and taut-line hitch. It also discusses other useful knots like the overhand knot, trucker's knot, and hitching tie. Diagrams and instructions are provided for tying each knot.

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The timber hitch is used to secure a rope round a post or any cylindrical object. It is also known as Bowyer’s Knot owing to its use in attaching the end of the bowstring to a longbow. How to Tie a Timber Hitch Knot Variant Sailors often add a half hitch in front of the […]