Kinds of tattoos style

Discover a variety of tattoo styles and designs to find the perfect one for you. From traditional to modern, explore the different kinds of tattoo styles and get inspired for your next ink.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and make a few etiquette mistakes when getting a tattoo. And that's completely understandable. Just like it's not always 100 percent obvious what to do when getting a haircut — how much do you tip? do you…

Darlene Rost
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Tattoos are a huge commitment! Even if you think they’re no big deal and already have a sleeve full of them, that’s still permanent art that you’re about to ink on your body. So, you want to think it through before committing to a design, right? At least make sure it fits your personality. Are you more drawn to images or words? Where do you want to get inked? Take a second and answer these quiz questions to figure out what kind of tattoo you should get next. You have to live with it for the…

Stephanie Smith
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It's common to want a tattoo, to have the perfect design in mind, but to still wonder, will I regret my tattoo when I'm older? What it if fades? What if you don't like it? What if your tastes change? These are all valid concerns, that you should…

Nikki Mackesy Morris