Keeping rooms

Transform your home with these cozy and functional keeping room ideas. Discover how to create a space that is perfect for relaxation, entertaining, and spending quality time with loved ones.
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Many homes have a breakfast room that is used daily and a formal dining room that is used maybe twice a year. Consider converting your breakfast room into a keeping room and using your dining room for all of your meals. Keeping rooms were traditionally a family gathering room used to keep warm because it was near the stove. Here are a few tips for turning your breakfast room into a cozy family oriented keeping room. ComfortYour keeping room needs to be comfortable with durable furniture…

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The latest must-have room in your large or even not so large home is the “Keeping Room”. The name for these rooms originated in colonial times, before homes were 5,000 plus square feet. They were a multi-use room attached to the kitchen or open to it, complete with a fireplace for coziness and warmth. Now, it’s…

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Hello, dear friends. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. The Mister and I have spent the past two days examining tile and marble slabs. We are in the first stage of renovating our master bath. Between you and me, the process would go a lot smoother if the Mister kept his opinions to himself. The first time that I heard the term Keeping Room was about twelve years ago. A decorator friend of mine bought a gorgeous large home for a song. The reason that she got such a good deal is that…

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