Joy and happiness

Discover simple ways to cultivate joy and happiness in your daily routine. Explore ideas and practices that can bring more positivity into your life and enhance your overall well-being.
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A ritual is something that you're compelled to do because it's meaningful to you, and you feel a deficit in your life when that ritual goes missing. If you're seeking permanent overall life improvement and happiness, try these seven rituals for every day of the week.

Kimberly Bailetty
Abide - Joy (chara) is a result of a relationship with Jesus - Joy/gladness reflects a quality of life grounded / rooted in God. The fullness of joy comes when a deep sense of God’s presence is in one’s life. Joy/gladness reflects through the person’s actions, words, and attitude. It comes from the Holy Spirit as a fruit/gift. There Will Be Joy In The Morning, Joy Comes In The Morning Quotes, In His Presence There Is Fullness Of Joy, Poems About Joy, Joy Definition, Actions Words, Faith Qoutes, Joy In The Lord, Joy Journal

Definitions change over time. One of those changed defintiions is about the word happiness. People now say the difference between joy and happiness is that joy comes from God and happiness from circumstances. That is not how the Lord intended it nor

Nancy Willis