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Enhance your journal with creative password page ideas. Protect your personal thoughts and memories with a stylish and secure password page that reflects your unique style.
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If there's one thing we need to keep and keep them in a safe place, it's our usernames and passwords. I've created these pages just for keeping those. Buy a small notebook or journal book and glue these pretty pages onto the pages. When we spice things up and make it fun, we'll be more likely to do it I've off-set these pages to the right so they can be added to a notebook. CLICK the image to save as and print portrait 81/2 X 11 .

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Password Tracker! Are you always forgetting and misplacing your passwords? Trust me, you're not alone! This is the perfect document to keep all of your passwords organized, in one space! How will you receive this? -You will receive this in a pdf format. You will be able to download it, print it, and have it on multiple devices. FEELING LIKE YOU NEED MORE HELP? My name is Macie. I run a business called Macie Media where I help creative businesses thrive online and on social media. Feel free…