Jeanette macdonald

Explore the enchanting life and career of Jeanette MacDonald, a legendary Hollywood actress known for her mesmerizing performances and captivating voice. Discover her iconic films and songs that continue to inspire audiences today.
Cleopatra's Boudoir: Vintage Boudoirs of the Stars #1 Classic Hollywood, Vintage Photos, Dressing, Dressing Table Set, Old Hollywood Glam, Old Hollywood Glamour, Old Hollywood Style, Hollywood Vanity, Vintage Glamour

I love pictures of old boudoirs, especially of those belonging to the stars, whether they were their personal sanctuaries of beauty or sets from a movie. The exquisite vanities filled with all sorts of perfume bottles and dresser accessories never fail to pique my interest. Barbara Pepper (1915 - 1969) - Photo via Rantings of a Modern Day Glamour Girl. In this photo I can identify several perfume bottles of Guerlain's Vol de Nuit/Sous Le Vent, Chanel, Caron's Bellodgia, Caron's Pois de…

Rosie Thorne
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I am so excited to share this post will you! I am a self-proclaimed Old Hollywood movie expert, and have often thought about all the different female character types. When I was little, I loved the happy faces of Judy Garland and Doris Day. When I was in high school, I went through a phase where I loved the dark, sophisticated girls like Veronica Lake or Joan Crawford. Though they might have different personalities off screen, each actress had a predominant character type throughout their…