Japanese quilt patterns

Explore a collection of beautiful Japanese quilt patterns to inspire your next quilting project. Discover the artistry and intricacy of traditional Japanese designs and bring a touch of elegance to your quilts.
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Okan Arts Quilting & Textile Tours to Japan are open for booking. To learn more +click here By Patricia Belyea TOKYO JP The International Great Quilt Festival is immense in so many ways—inspiration, excellence, and delight. What I’m sharing with you here is the tip of the needle of what’s displayed in the vast Tokyo Dome. I do not include the makers of the quilts if their names are only available in Japanese. Note: The quilt featured above is by Miwako Mogami. competition exhibits The…

Carol Patterson
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In 2012 I embarked on a mission to make a Sashiko Quilt and this was the result: Sashiko Quilt Sashiko detail Why did I decide to make a Sashiko quilt? There were three reasons: 1. I saw the lovely shiny Japanese fabrics stacked up my local quilt shop and thought, "aren't those lovely!". 2. We were about to have a Japanese exchange come and stay with us for three weeks, and later in the year my son would be going to Japan for three weeks. 3. I thought it would be fun to experiment with the…

Jacqui Renton