Irish bread pudding

Indulge in the rich flavors of traditional Irish bread pudding. Try these mouthwatering recipes and bring a taste of Ireland to your dessert table.

Irish bread pudding is a simple but tasty homemade bread pudding. This easy bread pudding makes a perfect dessert on St. Patrick's Day!

Kara Oja
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Today's Joy: Bread Pudding. Reader, I've made bread pudding for three days in a row now: once on Sunday for my monthly Dinner & a Movie Night with K & AJ; then on Monday night for my co-worker, C, & his Ohio friend and once again tonight for my family. 3 delicious nights of puffy, golden-brown, nutmeg goodness! 3 decadent evenings of whisking butter, whipping cream and Bailey's into a rich sauce to pour over bowls full of piping hot pudding. Ow. My tummy hurts just thinking about it! But…

Tonia Collins