Iris garden

Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis with these stunning iris garden ideas. Explore different types of irises and learn how to create a breathtaking display in your own backyard.
Bearded irises are relatively easy garden plants to grow and will give good results with a minimum of care, but like all plants, the better the culture the more magnificent the display. Description from I searched for this on Cottage Garden Plants, Cottage Garden, Garden Cottage, Garden Plants, Garden Styles, Garden Landscaping, Outdoor Gardens, Garden Inspiration, Rock Garden Landscaping

W hat I love most about August is the flower catalogs that come in the mail. My all-time favorite catalog is the ones with irises. It's a magical time when bearded irises unfurl their pencil-slim buds to reveal a kaleidoscope of color in spring. Once commonly called flags, these perennials flourish in USDA Zones 3-9, where winter temperatures dip below freezing and allow the plant to go dormant before next year's growth. Next to roses, the iris is my all-time favorite flower. They are…

Shira H