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Poster for the 'AI: More than Human' Barbican exhibition

We’re very proud to have collaborated with the Barbican Centre on one of their most successful exhibitions to date, AI: More Than Human. Visited by over 88,000 people, AI: More than Human explores the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology. Created by our Interactive Arts team, the Data Worlds section focuses on today’s…


Remember when the internet was just for geeks and gamers and the sort of people who fell in love with pneumatic virtual reality babes? Before it was all “millennials” and super-styled pictures of dinner, it was a bright, flashy cornucopia of fucked-up alien heads and planets and stuff like rooms. Some of it looked a bit like how I imagine the inside of the heads of the sort of women who collect crystals and visi laylines look like. That WTF level of weirdness was in no small part thanks to…

Vladimir Chvala