In house picnic ideas

Bring the outdoors inside with these creative in-house picnic ideas. Enjoy a cozy and fun time with your loved ones while indulging in delicious food and creating lasting memories.
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Valentine day is a special day to celebrate and show love and affection to our loved one . As much as I believe love , affection and gifts showed be shared through out the year, this day comes with…

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For Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve decided to stay in and have a quiet evening at home. Here are some ideas for giving your sweetheart a special treat using things from around the house and some basic food items. I started out with a vintage picnic basket that belonged to my grandmother, and packed it […]

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Picnic table for a luxurious picnic. You can arrange and decorate it as a party table. ***In your region, it may also be called a picnic table, bohemian picnic table, low picnic table, low seating table, boho picnic table, coffee table. ***Our picnic table is 29-78 inches long, 13 inches high. I can make the height as you wish. Please make a request. *** Our Boho picnic tables are made of premium pine wood. Each corner is reinforced with screws. The surface is sanded 3 times. ***Our low…

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