How to train your dragon wallpaper iphone

Transform your iPhone with stunning dragon wallpapers. Discover how to train your dragon wallpaper and give your phone a fierce and captivating look.
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On Night's Wing (Toothless X Blind Reader) - Chapter 8

(Y/N) is a female Nightfury and thought to be the last of her kind. (Y/N) is a special Nightfury and the reason why is because she's blind but that doesn't slow her down. One day while in the safety of the nest in the protection of the Bewilderbeast, Valka came back but with a one legged viking and a male Nightfury. Will these two Nightfurys fall in love? (This is takes place from HTTYD 2 and I do not own any of the charters, they belong to their rightful owners but I do own the reader…