How to paint kitchen cabinets without removing doors

Transform your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, without the hassle of removing the doors. Discover step-by-step instructions and expert tips for a flawless finish.
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A few weeks ago, I painted my master bathroom white. The countertop is also white. The tiles are a light neutral color. It was starting to bother me that the vanity was dark wood. For me, it sort of seemed to interrupt the space, so I decided that I would paint it, of course. This… Read More How to paint cabinets without removing doors

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After getting over a hundred emails over the course of the past year from readers asking how to paint cabinetry, (I'm apparently not alone in my old-house-situation!) I decided to put together a really simple tutorial to help you with one of the most frequently asked questions I receive: How on earth do I paint my cabinets??? Painting your cabinetry will take you some time, but it's a lot easier than you might think, and if I can do it, so can you. (This tutorial also works for bathroom…

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Remove your cabinet doors for an open shelving look without the extra work and cost. Add a little paint to really make your dishes pop. See the full tutorial here!

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A kitchen is one of the most utilized places in a person's home. Even when entertaining, guests tend to congregate in the kitchen! (At least that is the case for us) It makes sense then that you would want to make your kitchen as stylish and fabulous as the rest…

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