How to finish cross stitch bookmark

Learn how to beautifully finish your cross stitch bookmark with these creative techniques. Elevate your stitching project and create a lasting keepsake with these helpful tips.
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I wasn't sure what I was going to post today but then I managed to have a finish so I decided to show you how I like to finish my cross stitch bookmarks. I finally completed the tiki bookmark that I bought in New Zealand when I was there in July. It was very close and when I grabbed it out of my bag it didn't take long to complete. Doesn't it look gorgeous all finished with the back stitch and for once I finished the stitching today and managed to finish the piece today as well. That has to…

Jeanette Farrell
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I love to make bookmarks – because I love to read so much, I can never have to many and I also enjoy giving them as gifts. Tucked into the perfect book, they add just the right touch. One thi…

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One of my favourite things to do with a finished cross stitch is to turn it into a bookmark. It’s nice to be able to use something you’ve made, rather than let collect dust with the rest of your finished projects you don’t know what to do with. Bookmarks also make a practical gift - a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas! Today I’m going to show you two methods of finishing your cross stitch bookmarks so that the back stitches are concealed.