Hotwheel bedroom ideas

Transform your child's bedroom into a thrilling Hot Wheels paradise. Explore top ideas to create an exciting and imaginative space for your little car enthusiast.
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Monster Jam Toy Storage

1.8M views · 47K likes | Amanda Ackling on Instagram: "Better than scattered all over the house am I right?! #monstertruck #monstertrucks #monsterjam #monstertruckstorage #hotwheels #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelsaddict #hotwheelspics #storage #toystorage #toystorageideas #organise #organising #organised #mum #mumlife #mums #mumblog #mumblogger"

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Your Bedroom Makeover

I wanted something more "you", and you had Hot Wheels in mind. I couldn't have agreed more. You were dreaming of blue and lime green, like your first room. We added a grey wall to save us from too much crayola blue: (a terrible picture, but you get the idea) You asked for a wall of Hot Wheel's flames: (photo from the internet) So we painted over this: drew the outline in chalk: and flames it is! You wanted the Hot Wheel's banner on another wall: but I thought it would be best to use…

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Race Car Bedroom featuring the Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler To Twin Race Car Bed

I've partnered with Step2 for this post about Race Car Bedroom Ideas. Like many little boys his age, my son is in love with race cars. He's just reaching that full-on stage of make believe play and Hot Wheels are some of his favorite toys. In fact, we used them as potty training incentives and he was so excited to get new 'Hot Cars' (as he calls them), that he was fully potty trained within just a few days. To celebrate this big milestone, we decided to upgrade his room to a super cool 'big…

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