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Ensure your horse receives the best nutrition with our top horse feed options. Discover the right feed for your horse's specific needs and keep them healthy and happy.
Lighthoof: Build-a-Mash Infographic | HORSE NATION Horse Mash Recipe, Horse Food Ideas, Horse Nutrition, Horse Food, Wheat Bran, Equine Care, Healthy Horses, Horse Information, Mash Recipe

Step aside, old-school wheat bran mashes: check out this video and infographic from Lighthoof to customize a warm, slurpy mash to treat your horse this winter! Occasional or daily mashes have numerous benefits for horses, including getting your horse to drink more water and supporting digestive motility. Plus horses love them! Enjoy these mash ideas...

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EQ8™ Senior Gut Health Horse Feed | BUCKEYE™ Nutrition Horse Supplements, Shire Horse, Metabolic Disorders, Horse Feed, Body Condition, Horse Trailers, Large Intestine, Beneficial Bacteria, Horse Love

Includes Well-Gut Ingredients: 1) Marine-sourced calcium plus reduced starch to provide gastric and hindgut support . 2) Heat-stabilized yeast and super fibers to deliver prebiotics. 3) Tailored blend of active live probiotics. 14% protein, 10% fat, digestible feed for senior horses Fortified with GRO 'N WIN amino acids, minerals and vitamins

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