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Unleash the thrill of the off-road with the Honda Dominator. Discover its powerful engine, rugged design, and versatile capabilities. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with the Honda Dominator.
The Sequel: Another Honda Dominator from HB-Custom | Bike EXIF Honda Motorcycles, Honda Dominator, Honda Scrambler, Honda Bikes, Honda, Bmw Boxer, Enduro Motorcycle, Motos, Scrambler

The sequel is seldom as good as the original movie, but the opposite is usually true with custom motorcycles. Taking another crack at a particular platform or genre is a golden opportunity to fine-tune your recipe, or try new things. And if you need proof, Holger Breuer's latest project offers compelling evidence. It's based on the venerable Honda NX650 Dominator—and like the Dominator Holger built roughly a year ago, it's a street scrambler with supermoto underpinnings. The two bikes are…

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Creating a knockout recipe takes a lot of trial and error. But once you nail it, everyone wants a taste—which is why Holger Breuer at HB-Custom keeps cooking up juicy Honda Dominator customs like this one. Holger's first go at the revered Honda NX650 Dominator was a stripped-down scrambler that was commissioned by a client. Next, he took his favorite ideas from the first build, refined them, and built a second Dominator as a showpiece. It was a hit, and he's now getting more requests for…


After making us drool over his spectacular Ducati Scrambler, Gorm has reached out to us with his latest build, a custom Honda NX650 Dominator from 2001. Gorm Taube is a graphic designer and photographer raised on the west coast of Sweden, but current

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