Homemade Hair Conditioner

Discover natural and nourishing homemade hair conditioner recipes to achieve luscious and healthy locks. Treat your hair with these easy-to-make conditioners for ultimate shine and softness.
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In this post I’ll be teaching you how to make three different emulsified, rinse-out Super Simple Creamy Hair Conditioner formulations using BTMS-25. All three formulations are really easy to make, and they build on one another. The first one is … Continue reading →

Fitz Fitzpatrick
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Follow theyellowdaal Did you know our kitchen has a plethora of hair and skin care wellness. Here we are discussing 3 Natural Hair Conditioner In Your Kitchen. Hair care is often neglected over skin care. …

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I LOVE ESSENTIAL OIL! And, now I can add it to my homemade hair conditioner for added benefits. This is the best recipe to show you how to incorporate rosemary essential oil and cloves into hair conditioner. It's really easy and a must try.

Jennifer Money