Homemade backpack

Discover how to make your own homemade backpack for your outdoor adventures. Get inspired by these top ideas and start crafting your perfect backpack today.
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My kids just went back to school this week……and I feel like I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do this summer. I had a whole bunch of items on my “Let’s Play This Summer” list. And well, we only crossed off a few things. Having a baby trumped a bunch of items …

Chris Brown
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I haven't got a backpack like this since high school.. I always thought that it was hard to make! Turns out that it needs some time but it can happen.. step by step as everything :) First of all choose your fabric and the lining. The lining could be the same fabric that you'll make the bag. front and back (x4 if this is your lining) sides and down sides ( x2 if this is your lining) Cut leaving 1cm for the seams... fold!! Cut the cover of the bag and the cover of the front pocket.. ..and cut…

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Whether you have oversized baggy or skin tight old jeans, follow the step by step sewing tutorial to make a backpack from old jeans. This DIY backpack sewing pattern is easy to follow and can be made from scratch using denim or canvas fabric as well. How to make backpack from old jeans? Prepare the ...

Connie Lowery
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I have a thing for backpacks. Actually, I like all sorts of bags as long as they are useful and serve a purpose. Maybe it's their utility, maybe there is some nostalgic, deep rooted tie to my school days. After all, a properly packed backpack that had the right books, homework, and lunch for the

Sarah Conley