Home gym storage ideas

Discover innovative storage solutions to keep your home gym organized and clutter-free. Find ideas to optimize your space and make your workouts more efficient.
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When it comes to exercising at home it's crucial to have an area to store your fitness equipment. This does not make it easier to locate what you need. Also helps maintain an organized and tidy home gym. By utilizing storage solutions you can effortlessly arrange all your workout gear. Establish an inspiring space that

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Do you ever have a vision in your head of a space and somehow it turns out even better than you imagined? So much love went into this project and I owe a lot of it to J’s amazing skills and ability to bring anything I throw at him into fruition. We lined the walls […]

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Like many others, once the pandemic hit and all of the gyms closed we were searching for options to keep up our healthy lifestyle. At first, we ran around the block a few times like many others. We noticed we had a kettlebell and a few light dumbbells which also helped for a little while. …but then the pandemic didn’t end. The runs around the block were getting old and I was getting tired of doing bicep curls with the 5 pound pink weights. So we had to do something. At this same time…

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TAILOR TO YOUR NEED: Our yoga mat rack wall mount has pegs and a shelf for personalizing your yoga storage, making this yoga mat organizer a peloton shoe holder, a foam roller rack, a resistance bands organizer, or a versatile fitness accessories storage solution. VOILA! MAXIMIZE STORAGE POSSIBILITY: Holding up most yoga accessories, our fully adjustable yoga mat wall mount holder peloton storage rack is the home for peloton mat, yoga blocks, resistance band, foam roller, yoga bolster, yoga…

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Knurled News is the best way to stay in-the know with all things related to your home gym. Deals, new products, community projects and industry analysis is sent 2x per week! Option 1 This first option is super easy, takes 20-30 minutes, costs about $60 in materials, and requires only a cordless drill. I’m using

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