Higher power

Explore the transformative impact of embracing a higher power. Find inspiration, guidance, and strength to navigate life's challenges and discover your true purpose.
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Day 25- Purpose Driven Life- Let there be hope!

Let there be hope on Earth! Through the purpose driven process, you can never lose hope! Hope comes complete with a higher power, it is must! Your higher power is up to you to name, it can be spiri…

A spiritual awakening is beautiful, but can also feel intense at times. It may feel at times as though a higher power and energy has taken over the trajectory of your life. And this is a good thing! It means that you have entered the high vibration of ascension energy. #spiritualawakening #ascensionenergy Higher Power Spirituality, Seeing You Quotes, Spiritual Art Soul, Spiritual Awakening Higher Consciousness, Quantum Healing, Energy Vibration, Copy Writing, Spiritual Ascension, Spiritual Awakening Signs

5 Ways to Connect with Cosmic Ascension Energy (and why you must!)

Ascension is happening now! Here are 5 ways to connect with that cosmic ascension energy. This will dramatically increase your intuition! 🌟WATCH NEXT 🌟 WHAT ...

SARATOGA OCEAN | Spiritual Awakening Coach & Thought Leader