Helix earrings

Enhance your style with our collection of unique and stylish helix earrings. Discover the latest trends and find the perfect helix earrings to add a touch of elegance to your look.
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Infection is a minor risk with virtually every ear piercing, but one that can increase with unsanitary piercing practices and/or improper care following the piercing. Luckily, most infections caused by an ear piercing can be treated with...

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Sold individually, the Emmi Cuff Earring is feminine and trendy. The earring is a floral design composed of marquise-cut crystals, with a beaded cuff that is paired with a row of round crystals, and finished with a round crystal drop. Sold Individually Size: 10mm (adjustable), Chain 45mm and 28mm Main material: - 16k Gold/ Rose Gold/ Rhodium Plated, Brass, - 92.5 Sterling Silver Post - Cubic Zirconia --------------------------------------------------- Instagram Follow us @statementgrey…

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