Hanging vertical garden

Transform your space with a beautiful hanging vertical garden. Discover innovative ideas to create a stunning green oasis in your home or outdoor area.

Learn how to build a simple but beautiful DIY vertical herb garden. It’s perfect to hang on the side of your house! Apparently, I’m currently on a bit of a kick of re-creating (or re-imagining) projects from our last house. First, I replicated the DIY floating shelves we had in our living room, and now...

Ashlynn Bruch
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These gorgeous vertical gardening ideas for small spaces are the best way to get inspired. Whether you want ideas for hanging gardens, wall mounted planters, vertical containers, or vine supports, these fabulous DIY vertical garden designs will inspire you!

Danijela Primorac
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If you don’t have a big garden or even no garden at all, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh herbs in your favourite recipes or salads. Here's our step-by-step guide to a simple vertical garden using off-the-shelf materials.