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Discover the art of hand-felting with our collection of unique creations. Get inspired by top ideas and unleash your creativity with this traditional craft technique.
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Hello there readers! I get lots of compliments about my wet-felted background pieces and often get asked how they are made. So here’s a blog devoted to giving you an insight into the wet felting process and the tools that I use. To begin with, here are all my tools:1. Liquid soap2. Water spray bottle3. Hand washboard4. Bamboo mat5. Roller6. Net7. Bar of soap8. Wool yarns9. Coloured wool roving10 White wool roving11. White vinegar spray I begin by throwing an old towel over my work desk. This…

Lynn Taverna
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When we talk about felt, there are more ways than one, and we are all quite different in the way we approach the process of taking fiber and turning it into a matted, tangled form of fibers Not only that, but someone who specializes in one technique can be completely unfamiliar with the others beyon

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Now I don't profess to be an expert on this, but Louise asked if needle felting was hard, so I'm going to show you how I do it. I didn't use an armature on Hyacinth, but I am using one here for this dog. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner 4" long and one piece 3 1/2" long. Bend them into the shapes shown. It should end up looking like this. See, two leg parts and one head/body/tail part. Now twist the leg parts around the body part. With a few bends in the right places it's already starting to…

Ingun Andersen