Half bath laundry room combo floor plan

Maximize space with a cleverly designed half bath laundry room combo floor plan. Explore top ideas to optimize functionality and style in your small space.
This has all the elements that we need for our combo. I'm still not sure if I want a front load or top load though. Front load would be nice to have the extra counter space, but I like the retro look of top loads better. Love the giant mirror as well. Bath Laundry Combo, Bathroom Laundry Room Combo, Laundry Bathroom Combo, Small Basement Bathroom, Basement Bathroom Design, Rangement Buanderie, Basement Laundry Room, Basement Laundry, Laundry Room Bathroom

I’m glad we took the weekend to finish up the laundry room. That plumbing took Chris a little while to figure out–but he did it (!!) and having a new sink and faucet and all around easier-on-the-eyes room has made such a difference. Like every other before and after, it is fun to look at […]

Stephanie McClure