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I am pretty much a simpleton when it comes to my hair. My hair is very thin and very fine. It breaks easily and grows slowly. I don't use a lot of products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner with a very rare spritz of hair spray on special occasions. So I was mortified and perplexed when MAJOR product buildup attacked my hair and particularly the crown of my head. No matter what shampoo I used my hair looked greasy and lifeless and just plain gross. I recently started working out…

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Self-confidence can be fragile, and matted hair only brings it further down. It’s so easy to continue ignoring tiny knots throughout the day, but once they assemble themselves into a matted clump, that’s when the true horror starts. Well, detangling may take time, but it is not rocket science. So rest easy because you will learn how to detangle matted hair painlessly once you finish this article.

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