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Discover a collection of empowering girl power quotes that will inspire and motivate you to be strong, confident, and fearless. Let these quotes remind you of your worth and encourage you to embrace your inner strength.
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'Girl power' term has become quite trendy these days. It can be spread either in forms of funny quotes, like the ones below or more serious affirmations. But, there isn't a term like 'boy power'... For a lot of women, this fact is actually ridiculous. Here are at least some quotes... Get on the museuly

Andrea Cuevas
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Happy Freaking Monday! It's a new week, time to get motivated & inspired. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Girl Power quotes today. Get Inspired, Get Pumped, Get Moving! This is so true. Never let any man or woman dull your sparkle. Never change who you are for anyone, never stop sparkling. No woman should need a man, I honestly believe. That isn't saying you shouldn't have an amazing man in your life, (I do), but you shouldn't have to have a guy/or girl, in your life to…

Chrystel Lloyd