General store ideas small towns

Discover unique and charming general store ideas that are perfect for small towns. Create a welcoming and nostalgic shopping experience for your community with these top ideas.
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If you grew up in one of Virginia’s small towns, you may remember the days of walking to the local general store. Whether you were picking up household supplies for Mom or just a few pieces of candy or an ice cream cone for yourself, these stores served as a hub of community activity. Looking back

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Why Grocery Co-ops Build Strong Towns and How to Start Your Own — Strong Towns Opening A General Store, General Store Ideas Small Towns, Blue Macaroons, Community House, Starting A Farm, Homestead Garden, Specialty Food Store, Grocery Store Design, Community Housing

Jacqueline Hannah—assistant director at the Food Co-op Initiative—shares how you can start a neighborhood grocery co-op in your town, including how to pitch the vision to community members and elected officials, how to translate your enthusiasm into action, and how the Food Co-op initiative can help

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