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Get ready to laugh and fall in love with these hilarious and adorable funny puppies. Find the cutest and funniest puppy videos and images that will brighten your day.
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Some things in life just go perfectly together. Ham and cheese. Gin and tonic. Sam and Frodo. And animals and Snapchat. Check out our recent post about cats on Snapchat to see what we mean. Need more proof? Then scroll down for some hilarious Snapchats about dogs in this list compiled by Bored Panda. From parrots riding on bulldogs and dogs in bras to crazy canines trying to drown each other in the toilet, you're sure to laugh whether you're a dog lover or not. Don't forget to vote for the…

Vivian Lindsey
This Dog Has A ‘Human Face’ And It Will Make You More Uncomfortable The Longer You Stare At It | Bored Panda Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, Fur Babies, Pup, Furry Friend, Cute Puppies, Perros, Dog Sitting, Cute Dogs

Meet Yogi, an adorable Shih-tzu dog that is taking the internet by storm. No, he does not have a special talent or anything, but after his first appearance on Reddit, people started noticing something unusual about the way he looks. His face resembles a human! Brown, almond-shaped eyes, the illusion of eyebrows, pinkish lips and a precise haircut are probably the reasons why Yogi gives such an impression.

Anne Johnson