Funny parrots

Get ready to be entertained by these funny parrot videos. Watch as these talented and mischievous birds show off their tricks and antics. Don't miss out on the laughter, check out these hilarious parrot videos now!
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Parrots are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also pretty intelligent. This amazing species can imitate sounds and speech very easily. Some people might think that keeping parrots as pets is a big hassle, but if they are trained properly, they can be some of the most amazing companions. Take a look

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Who says that is only humans that have relationship issues! Our feathered friends can tell a tale or two I think. Just watch this video. In this video, a beautiful green parrot by the name JoJo is quite smitten with his friend, Buddy. JoJo does his best to get Buddy's attention from kissing and saying sweet

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Parrots and cockatiels are widely known to be excellent mimics. It doesn’t take long for their owners to have them repeating the most amusing words and phrases. All it takes is some repetitive training and a little bit of encouragement and soon you have a talking parrot! Sometimes the pet bird will pick up words

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People who own birds as pets have exceptional patience for their talkative animals. One lady can’t help but listen to every word her 50-year-old parrot says to her, even when it catches her off guard. Leave it to an old bird to say something cheeky. Going by the ironic name of Baby, this yellow-naped amazon

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Mom took her cockatoo to the upper floor – but the annoyed little guy wants to go downstairs. #birds #funny #pets Funny Animal Videos, Funny Animal Pictures, Cockatoo, Funny Birds, Funny Parrots, Funny Pets, Talking Parrots, Cat Fails, Parrot Pet

His owner says that he wanted to go downstairs, but since she had a few chores she needed to complete upstairs, they couldn’t. She couldn’t leave him by himself unsupervised since he is like a child. The sassy bird wasn’t very pleased with her decision. He let her know about it. The poor woman couldn’t

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