Funny mugshots

Take a look at these funny mugshots that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Discover the most amusing and entertaining mugshots that will brighten your day.
The 2012 Mug Shots Of The Year - Neatorama Portraits, Humour, People, Funny Mugshots, Drunk Driving, Strange People, Gangsters, Hysterical, Scared Straight

The Smoking Gun collects tens of thousands of mug shots all year long, and in December ranks the 20 most entertaining of them. This year, a couple are included because they are celebrities; the rest are just funny-looking. The woman shown here only ranked #17 on the list. The winners get no prize, but are welcome to download a blue ribbon featuring Nick Nolte's classic mug shot. Link -via FarkSee also: a different year-end mugshot roundup posted earlier....

Steven Ketchum