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Discover funny attention grabbers that will make you laugh out loud. Spice up your day with these hilarious ideas and share the laughter with others.
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Have you ever used Class-Yes to get your class' attention? I LOVE it and it's so much fun to vary its delivery. There are at least a thousand ways to say Class-Yes in your class and a few of them live on this post HERE. Some new ideas I have been trying are shouting out math facts (addition only, for now) and having my kids reply with the answer. For example, doing some doubles one time, or all combinations of ten for another. It typically takes me 2-3 times to have the entire class'…

Hannah Whitlock
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How I envision any important messages will need to be conveyed in our homefor the foreseeable future In short, adult conversation doesn’t exist when you have young kids in the home. One morning recently my husband started telling me a story (obviously about our kids, b/c what else would we talk about?) Husband: “So Isaac started […]

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