Fountain Pens

Discover the allure of fountain pens with elegant designs. Explore top fountain pen recommendations for a smooth and luxurious writing experience.
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What is a fountain pen nib?

Why are they often solid gold? And what is the difference between 14k, 18k, and 21k nibs? A fountain pen nib is the metal writing point at the end of the writing instrument. Virtually all quality fountain pens use solid gold nibs, both for their durability and for the smoothness of the writing experience they provide. Cheaper steel and gold-plated nibs, on the other hand, have

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Hierarchies of Fountain Pen Friendly Paper (Last Updated 1.24.24) — The Gentleman Stationer

What brands of paper can you consistently rely upon to handle fountain pen ink? It's a question I often receive, and it's harder to answer than you might think. Here I walk through several major stationery brands, dividing them into "tiers" based on how compatible they tend to be with foun

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