Fork bracelet

Discover creative ways to transform ordinary forks into stunning bracelets. Get inspired by these unique and stylish fork bracelet ideas to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection.
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A Fork Photo Holder Morning Creativity Blog has shared a way to bend and use a fork in the form of a picture holder. You can make use of more than one forks and create many picture holders to display your pictures in different parts of your home. A Cool Egg Cup Scott Bedford of Make Fun Creating has created something truly unique from a fork. He has bent and reshaped the fork in the form of an egg cup. A Fork Pendant Etsy Shop Mama Joia has made this lovely pendant from a recycled fork…

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Recycling of old cutlery, forks turned into bracelets. The cutlery used is all different, so the model you will receive is random. What varies is the design of the handles. Please choose size when ordering because we have three sizes available: Small, Medium and Large. How to measure? With a thread take the measurement of your wrist and then you measure it in centimeters. Up to 16 : Small From 16 to 18 : Medium From 18 : Large The shipment is made "Certified", since it is a piece of handmade…

Sato Takuma
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This premium designed fork bracelet features a mirrored design with the inner two prongs delicately wrapped around the outer two symbolizing the mutual commitment, faithfulness and fidelity between loved ones. This design is named 'Devoted'. Handle patterns vary. Comes with a spring hinge on the underside for easy wearing. The hinge is attached with lead-free solder. This design is fairly narrow for a fork bracelet at about 1.25" wide. The Premium line of silverware jewelry is silverware…


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