Forensic science

Explore the intriguing world of forensic science and learn about the fascinating techniques and discoveries that help solve crimes. Discover how forensic science plays a crucial role in criminal investigations and uncover the secrets behind this captivating field.
Press a finger firmly on an ink pad, then press it carefully on a flat balloon. Do not smear the ink. When it dries, repeat with your other fingers. Blow up the balloon slightly and study the prints in detail. Use a magnifying glass, if possible. Each person's prints will have a different pattern. Scientific Method Experiments, Detective Theme, Detective Aesthetic, Science Experiments For Kids, Science Camp, Teknologi Gadget, Forensic Scientist, Experiments For Kids, Science Club

Detective Science Experiments for Kids

Detectives carefully gather testimonials and trace evidence at crime scenes. Even if they have an eyewitness, they work like scientists to gather and process as many clues as they can to ensure that they reach the correct conclusion. They sometimes use the tiniest details, such as fingerprints or a drop of ink, to ...

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