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Achieve your fitness goals with the intense and effective Focus T25 workout program. Discover how these 25-minute workouts can help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your overall health.
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Yes, it's true! I'm taking on another ridiculous exercise program. With my wedding and summer vacation in South Africa coming up soon, it was time for my jelly belly and me to jump on the fitness wagon again. (My performance in the gym has been less than stellar lately...) I was actually toying with the crazy idea of doing the INSANITY program again, but then I found this 25-minute-5-days-a-week wonder of a workout called Focus T25. Focus T25 is the latest high-intensity fitness program…

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You may or may not have seen my posts on Facebook about Focus T25. Maybe you were asking yourself how I have been able to get back into shape between balancing a full-time job and a family? Well, T25 is the answer! Actually, T25 AND Shakeology, but that deserves its own post! In this post, I wanted to give you a run down of exactly what T25 is because it has changed my life and given me the kick in the butt that I needed to get back into shape. I'm not going to hold anything back in these…

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Focus T25 Workout Calendar Beautifully designed workout calendars for Shaun T’s T25 workout you can download and print on any printer you have in your home. FREE! Get Focus T25 On Demand Now Focus T25 Workout Calendar Down below you have the workout schedule for the popular home fitness program called Focus T25. This workout… Read More »Focus T25 Workout Calendar

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