Flower delivery van

Discover creative designs and ideas for flower delivery vans. Find inspiration to create a unique and eye-catching van that will make your flower deliveries stand out.

I think many floral designers will agree that one of the toughest part of our jobs is transporting the flowers from our studios to the venue! Check out how these designers have done it-

Gyeongwon Schin
Brilliant Tips for Transporting Flowers from Your Farm Floral, Diy, Gardening, Berry, Flower Delivery Van, Farm Stand, Farmers Market Display, Flower Delivery, Stall

Flower farming takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes after putting so much thought into your seed and plug orders, planting, maintaining, and harvesting your flowers, making sure to properly transport and deliver them may be something of an afterthought. But delivering the flowers without experi

Marion Bortner