Flora and fauna

Immerse yourself in the beauty of flora and fauna. Discover breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife. Start your journey now and experience the wonders of nature.
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Artist Jon Ching strikes a balance between texture and color in his meticulously detailed oil paintings that make fantastic creatures—owls with plumes of mushrooms and fuzzy molds, seahorses sprouting leafy twigs, and fish with striped tulip fins—appear natural in their environments. This vague distinction between the realistic and surreal saturates Ching’s body of work, which imagines a magical ecosystem that visualizes the symbiotic relationships between flora and fauna. “I am inspired by…

Meticulous Illustrations Document the Flora and Fauna Observed throughout the Devon Countryside | Colossal Sketches, Illustrators, Flora, Nature, Journals, Nature Journal, Botanical Illustration, Illustrations, Art Journal

Behind Jo Brown’s home in Devon is a rich countryside complete with a wooded area and thick vegetation. For years, the United Kingdom-based illustrator documented the wildlife and plant species she encountered in her Nature Journal, a black Moleskine that now has been reproduced exactly in a forthcoming book, Secrets of a Devon Wood. Each page of Brown’s notebook contains a pen and colored pencil drawing that begins at the pages’ edges, appearing to grow from the corner or across the paper…

Jayshree Rao