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Maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit during your pregnancy with these expert tips. Learn how to take care of yourself and your baby while enjoying this special time in your life.
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Losing body fat while you are pregnant can help you to drop the baby weight quicker after birth. Try these tips to help you lose body fat.

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It has been about a month since I gave birth to my second baby and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. Even more surprising is the fact that I have been able to bounce back so swiftly. Thanks to keeping fit during pregnancy using my prenatal home workout program, bouncing back was […]

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While you're expecting a little one, stay active with these best pregnancy workouts, all of which are available online. Plus, these best pregnancy workouts are led by instructors with backgrounds in prenatal fitness.

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Follow these 9 tips proven to help you avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. During your pregnancy you will gain weight. The average woman should gain 25-35 pounds. But did you know most of that weight isn’t actual fat? Breakdown Of Pregnancy Weight Gain Baby: 7-8 pounds Placenta: 1-2 pounds Amniotic

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Exactly how you can maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, and even burn fat during pregnancy. It is very important to maintain your weight gain and focus on your health during pregnancy for the health of your growing baby. Learn everything you need to know to burn fat, and maintain your weight for a healthy mama

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