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Explore unique figure photography techniques and tips to capture stunning shots that showcase the beauty and grace of the human form. Enhance your photography skills and create captivating images that tell a story.
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Every now and then I come across a portfolio of an artist whose work gives me goosebumps. Today I want to introduce your to one of those artists, photographer Elena Helfrecht from the dark forests of Bavaria, Germany. In her work Elena visualizes human thoughts and emotions, resulting in sincere, hauntingly beautiful and often incredible […]

Amber Tolley
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When we think of human beauty, most of us think of someone young and sexy and in their low to mid 20s. But photographer Anastasia Pottinger makes a strong case for the idea that someone over 100 years of age can also be beautiful in her beautiful and fittingly named “Centenarians” photo series. Surprisingly, the idea for this photo series came when Pottinger was approached by a 101-year old woman who wanted to be photographed in the nude. The only condition – that she couldn't be identified…

Pietro Angelo Mattia