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Discover the warmth and style of felted wool with these top ideas. Upgrade your home decor with cozy felted wool accessories and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
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Do you ever wonder how professional textile artists achieve a smooth, even finish to their needle felted artwork? Does your work look a little fuzzy, blobby or matted in comparison? Read on for three effective tips to get you felting like a pro.1. Stab Sensitively!Have you ever looked at your work and though "that looks a bit...stabby"? Have the holes made by your felting needle really left their impression on your work? The chances are that this is because when you stab down with your…

Lara Benschoter
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Hello, Felt-sters! I have for you today a quick technique tutorial. I received this tool a few months ago at CHA from the lovely people at Clover. It works pretty much like the other tool I use, but able to pinpoint (ahem) a tinier area. I think it works great for a technique I'm calling

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Last year around this time, I wrote a lengthy post sharing ways to create a natural, low-waste laundry routine. I included all sorts of suggestions, ranging from 1) buying clothes made of natural fibers to 2) using a clothesline, 3) switching to natural soap, 4) ditching fabric softeners, and 5) a

Julia Deans
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Hello there readers! I get lots of compliments about my wet-felted background pieces and often get asked how they are made. So here’s a blog devoted to giving you an insight into the wet felting process and the tools that I use. To begin with, here are all my tools:1. Liquid soap2. Water spray bottle3. Hand washboard4. Bamboo mat5. Roller6. Net7. Bar of soap8. Wool yarns9. Coloured wool roving10 White wool roving11. White vinegar spray I begin by throwing an old towel over my work desk. This…

Lynn Taverna

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