Felted dryer ball designs

Discover unique and eco-friendly designs for felted dryer balls to make your laundry routine more sustainable. Try these DIY ideas to reduce drying time and eliminate static in your clothes.
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It is that time of year again and while it can be easy to get caught up in Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is important to remember that you can get some really kick ass gifts that are green. I have put together a list of the items that I think are really fantastic this year. A lot of these are in our home or are gifts we are giving to our family and friends. I wouldn't recommend anything to you that I myself would not buy. Here are the 10 items that would be a great addition to anyone's…

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Last year around this time, I wrote a lengthy post sharing ways to create a natural, low-waste laundry routine. I included all sorts of suggestions, ranging from 1) buying clothes made of natural fibers to 2) using a clothesline, 3) switching to natural soap, 4) ditching fabric softeners, and 5) a