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Explore the world of feather quill pens for a unique and elegant writing and drawing experience. Discover the best feather quill pens to add a touch of sophistication to your creative endeavors.
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Description The SERAFINA Pens were inspired by the Queen of the Witches in the movie The Golden Compass. Designed in the steampunk fashion using vintage brass focals in a pattern to symbolize her daemon (totem familiar), a grey goose named Kaisa. The goose symbolizes vigilance. Lovely hand dried ferns were applied to represent the cloud pine brooms & bows used by the Lake Enara Northern Witches. The pen itself is wrapped in shimmery violet gauze akin to Serafina's billowey dress, and the…

Ariadna Rendón

I don't know about you but when we set off on a nature walk I can guarantee we'll find a few treasures that will inevitably find their way home with us. In the past these treasures have included pebbles, sticks, leaves, & shells, but recently we've been collecting feathers we've found on the ground. On a recent walk by a local river we were lucky enough to find some beautiful duck feathers scattered by the pathway, so Minnie carefully collected them & took them home with her. (I should add…

Carmen Lake